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{Pantone Color of the Week ~ Aquamarine}

This weeks Pantone Color of the week is...



Aquamarine is the leading color for women's fashion in 2015, and it makes the perfect base for a beautiful spring wedding color pallet. The Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, says, "Cool and Calming, ethereal Aquamarine is a shade with a wet and watery feel. Open and expensive, this color also acts as a stress reducer."

Aquamarine can help the most overwhelmed bride feel as though she is sitting by the sea taking in the beautiful view, which just so happens to be her handsome husband at the end of the aisle. Because of the muted tone of this color, it can be paired with several different color pallets and here are a few to consider.

Aquamarine, Charcoal Grey, Peach

Aquamarine w-Peach and Charcole.jpg

This color pairing is perfect for a springtime wedding. The coolness of the aquamarine and the brightness of the peach make for a happy marriage of color pairings. Adding in a nice neutral tone like the charcoal grey helps to pull the look together and makes for a very handsome looking groom. This color pallet was inspired by a post from Invitations by Ajalon.

Aquamarine, Canary Yellow, Strawberry Ice

Aquamarine w- Light Pink & Yellow.jpg

Our next color pairing combines two of our 2015 Pantone Spring Colors, Aquamarine and Strawberry Ice. The beautiful hue of this aquamarine and the chiffon material of the bridesmaids dress will make your bridesmaids look like a beautiful, serene lake, of course not to upstage the beautiful bride. By adding a bouquet of white roses, strawberry ice peonies, lambs ear and a pop of canary yellow billy balls can help to bring this spring time color pallet to perfection.

Aquamarine, Tangerine, Deep Pink

Aquamarine w- Hot pink & Tangerine.jpg

Our last color pairing is another that includes two colors from our list of Pantone 2015 colors. This beautiful tablescape brings all three colors together in the perfect pairing of springtime bliss. By using a textured linen on your head table, like the sequin linen above, can bring an extra layer of depth to your color pallet that will WOW your guests!

We hope our color pairings have inspired you to use Aquamarine in your upcoming Spring Wedding!

To find more color pairings for this years spring 2015 colors check out our Pinterest page at Soirees Southern Events and don't forget to check back next week for a new Pantone color of the Week brought to you by Soirees Southern Events.

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