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{Pantone Color of the Week ~ Toasted Almond}

This weeks Pantone Color of the week is...

Toasted Almond


Our next color on the list of Pantone Colors is Toasted Almond. Toasted Almond is the perfect neutral color to pair with...pretty much any color you can think of. The only suggestion we have is if your going to make your bridesmaids dresses this sure your bridesmaids have a tan! :)

Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of The Pantone Color Institute had this to say about Toasted Almond, "Bringing balance to the coolness of the Spring/Summer 2015 color range is Toasted Almond. A sun-tanned neutral, Toasted Almond offers comforting warmth and is indicative of a spontaneous spring, summer feeling. Timeless and versatile, Toasted Almond is an organic shade that speaks to authenticity and all that is natural."

Check out a couple of our favorite color palettes that include Toasted Almond.

Toasted Almond, Piggy Pink, Periwinkle

Toasted Almond with pink and periwinkle.jpg

Our first color pairing, brought to you by Bridal Guide, is one that is delicate and beautiful. Toasted Almond, Piggy Pink and Periwinkle are the perfect palette for the girly, girly in us all. The delicate colors pair perfectly with each other and are great for using natural light colored flowers and natural centerpieces, like the tree stump in the picture above.

Toasted Almond, Tangerine, Plum

Toasted Almond with Tangerine and Purple.jpg

Our next color pairing combines two of our 2015 Pantone Colors, Toasted Almond and Tangerine. This color palette combined with Plum is perfect for a fall wedding. Your groom and groomsmen will look extremely handsome in their toasted almond suits and paired with your bridesmaids in plum makes for the perfect pairing, just like you and your groom. By adding a pop of tangerine to your bouquets will help to pull this fall color palette together.

Toasted Almond, Forest Green, Navy Blue

Toasted Almond w- Olive green and teal.jpg

Our last color pairing is one of my favorites. This earthy color palette of toasted almond, forest green and navy blue makes for the perfect spring or fall wedding. One of the biggest style trends in weddings today is Burlap..whether is be a table cloth, a napkin, or even small accents around your centerpiece. By pairing the burlap tablecloth and napkins with fresh sprigs of herbs and fresh moss it gives your table setting the perfect rustic look. By adding in accents of navy blue it pulls the whole earthy feel together.

We hope our color pairings have inspired you to use Toasted Almond in your upcoming Spring or Fall Wedding!

To find more color pairings for this years spring 2015 colors check out our Pinterest page at Soirees Southern Events and don't forget to check back next week for a new Pantone color of the Week brought to you by Soirees Southern Events.

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