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{Angela & Zach Puckett} Married 11.08.2014

Angela and Zach were married on November 8, 2014 on a beautiful Fall day out at The Walters Barn in Lula, GA. It may have been a little bit chilly outside but the love that these two have for each other made the day just a little bit warmer. Their love story is one that is real and authentic and will melt your heart, just like they did ours.




Angela and Zach met through a mutual friend while in college and officially started dating in September 2011. Throughout their time of dating they loved to travel and take weekend trips to anywhere and everywhere. One of their favorite trips they took was to North Carolina in April 2012. Little did they know that this trip would one day be a place they would hold near and dear to their hearts.



On their first trip to North Carolina Angela and Zach made a lot of incredible memories including horseback riding, hiking, where they found a beautiful covered bridge where they would one day get engaged near, and a great little deli in downtown Hendersonville where they fell in love with not only the food but the atmosphere.



While they were in North Carolina they decided to have dinner at The Grove Park inn one night and they absolutely fell in love with the hotel. "It was breathtaking! Everything about the hotel was just perfect; from the views to the food. That’s when we decided that we would love to stay there the next time we visited the Asheville, NC area."



Through the hustle and bustle of life Angela slowly forgot about The Grove Park Inn as they traveled to many other places throughout out their two years of dating, however Zach surly didn't forget! In November 2013 Zach planned a surprise trip, on the weekend of November 8th. "Zach was very good about surprises, so whatever it was I knew it was going to be fun!"



"As that weekend quickly approached, I was having trouble packing (as any girl does). I had no clue what kind of clothes I would need! I tried asking Zach if I should pack for cold weather or warm weather and he told me to pack for both! This threw me off. Needless to say, I completely over packed! I had been so excited for this weekend and it was finally here! As soon as we got off work that Friday we hit the road! I still had no idea where Zach was taking me. Zach said I would never guess.... He was right!"



Once Angela realized they were headed to The Grove Park Inn she couldn't stop smiling. They got in late that night so decided to turn in early because Zach had big plans for the two of them the following day. When they finally got up the next morning they headed into downtown Hendersonville where they ate at the same little deli they fell in love with a year earlier. After lunch Zach had planned for them to go hiking on the same trail where the bridge was that Angela had fallen in love with!



Since Angela wasn't sure what Zach had planned for the day...she didn't wear the best hiking shoes, however by the end of the day she didn't even notice her feet hurting! They walked the same trail they had just a little over a year earlier. They stopped on the bridge to take a couple pictures and then kept walking until the bridge was almost out of site and then IT happened!



"Zach stopped me, turned me to him, looked me in my eyes and said, “I didn’t just bring you here to reminisce on the old memories. I brought you here to make new memories. You know I love you more than anything in this world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” and that’s when he got down on one knee and said those 4 little words every girl dreams of hearing: “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it! Without a doubt I said, “Yes!” It was such a magical moment and one that I will never forget! As we walked back, I couldn’t believe what just happened! Who knew that we could recreate our favorite trip ever and make it even better!? Needless to say, the walk back wasn’t so bad!"



For months before Zach popped the question he had been planning every detail. He told Angela that he had to be "working late" a couple of different times, little did she know that he wasn't really working late. He was working on making the perfect plans for that weekend and even driving 45 minuets to ask both of her parents for her hand in marriage. "Zach had planned everything to a T!"



"From the engagement to the wedding day, our experience was absolutely perfect!! I had always said I wanted to get married at The Walters Barn, so as soon as we got back from out of town we were on the hunt for a date that matched our location! We knew we wanted an outdoor, Fall wedding, so we decided on November 8th, 2014." Which just so happens to be almost exactly a year after they got engaged!



"We had no worries whatsoever on our wedding day and I believe that’s just how it should be. If any kind of issue arose, we felt confident that Ms. Sherri and her team would be on it. Ms. Sherri has such a calming nature about her and she made me feel 100% ready to walk down the aisle! With all of that being said, our wedding day was just perfect. The venue was exactly what we wanted."


We are so glad that we got to be apart of Zach and Angela's special day! Here are a few more pictures from Maggie Turner Photography from Zach and Angela's Wedding Day!














Thank you Angela and Zach for letting Soirees Southern Events and The Walters Barn be apart of your special day and Happy 3 month anniversary!

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