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{Courtney & Chris Hawkins} Married 09.20.2014

Courtney and Chris Hawkins were married on a beautiful Fall day in September 2014 out at The Walters Barn in Lula, GA. Courtney and Chris were such a sweet couple to work with and we loved being apart of their special day! Here is a little glimpse into their wedding day and the journey that lead them there.



Courtney and Chris met at Dollar General where Courtney was working part time during college. At the time, Chris was working for Coca-Cola as a distributor, and one of his stores just so happened to be the Dollar General where Courtney was working. She was in charge of checking in all of the product that Chris brought.



They would see each other once a week and then one day Chris finally asked Courtney out. Their first date was in mid July 2013. At one of their weekly visit Chris asked Courtney to go to the lake with him and according to them..."the rest is history!"



The crazy thing about Courtney and Chris's relationship was that their families had known each other for a long time! Courtney and Chris's sisters were best friends growing up and were even roommates in college, however Chris and Courtney never met! Growing up Courtney always admired Chris's sister for her kind heart, "She was so sweet and never made anyone feel like a stranger"



When Chris's sister, Jess, was 18 she passed away. Even though this was a tragedy that both families experienced, it has been great for both families to be brought together again and share sweet memories of Jess. "We are amazed at how God has worked and brought our families back together!" I know Jess would have loved to been at her brothers wedding, but I am sure she has been looking down and smiling on their relationship over the years.



After about 7 months of dating Chris had the perfect plan to propose to Courtney at the same lake where they shared their first date. However "Snowmageddon" 2014 happened which messed up Chris plan to propose. So instead of letting the snow ruin his plan, he had it work in his favor. Chris happened to get off early on a Tuesday last February because of the snow, so Chris met Courtney in Gainesville to have dinner with her and some of their friends...or so she thought.



While they were "waiting" for their friends to get there they decided to walk around the square for a little bit. "He was walking around, acting like he was looking for a restaurant, but in the middle of the square, with the snow on the ground he got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man and marry him!" One of the most special days of their relationship was documented by Chris's mom who was hiding near by to capture the big moment.



"Our engagement was perfect, but our wedding day was the Ultimate Perfect Day!" Courtney wasn't nervous at all throughout their 7 month engagement period, until the day of the wedding. "I felt nervous and totally overwhelmed. It was the day I had been dreaming about for so long. Luckily I had the best bridesmaids, mom and hair dresser and they let me ugly girl cry, get it all out, and then I was completely fine and ready to marry my best friend!"



"Everything that Sherri and her staff did for us turned out perfectly. From the decorations to getting everyone down the aisle! We didn't see each other before the wedding so as the barn doors opened and we both saw each other for the first time it is a moment I will never forget! His face was priceless and was everything I had wanted it to be. It was the best day of my life and I'm so appreciative for the Walters Barn and everyone who shared in our special day!"


Courtney and Chris's wedding day was absolutely beautiful and the pictures from Regina Patterson Photography show just how amazing it was! Here are a couple more pictures from their big day!




















We hope that you two have a lifetime of happiness and we are grateful that we got to be apart of your special day!

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