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{Bridesmaids Dresses}

You’ve gotten engaged; you’ve picked your bridesmaids and now what? Oh no, the awful decision on the bridesmaids dresses. How do you please everyone? You aren’t the only one fearing the choice; the bridesmaids are the ones who have to wear it. When choosing their dresses you have to be considerate. Everyone is differently shaped and not every style looks good on everyone. But what color would look best on everyone? So many decisions. Even though this is your wedding day, at the end of the day a happy bridal party accounts for a happy and less stressful wedding day. It doesn’t have to be difficult. We hope with a few tips from us, it should make the process a lot easier.

In the past, it was traditional for all bridesmaids to be wearing the exact same color and style of dress. However, times have changed. Brides now look at mixing up the styles and even different hues of a certain color to accommodate a flattering look rather than a uniform look.

Here is a list of our top ten colors for bridesmaid dresses:

1. Nude

2. Blush

3. Mint

4. Coral

5. Navy

As for fit, high-waisted A-line dresses may be the closest thing to a universal fit. Lately, a common trend is getting bridesmaid dresses that provide multiple options for the top of the dress, whether it be strapless, one shouldered or even crew neck line.

6. Gray { light or dark }

7. Black

8. Emerald

9. Lavender Hues

10. White

Bridesmaids dresses can be costly and a lot to ask of someone. Picking a dress that can be repurposed will make it much easier for a bridesmaid to open her wallet knowing she can wear it more than once. A typical timeline in picking out bridesmaids dresses is four to six months before the wedding, leaving enough time to get any alterations that may be necessary.

When shopping around, don’t restrict yourself to just bridal salons or sites. You can easily find affordable dresses that aren’t your typical bridesmaid gown in a department store or even popular retailers. Be on your toes when looking and don’t assume you have to stick strictly to the bridal sections of stores.

We hope this has helped! Best of luck in your decisions! Email any questions to

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