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{ Caitlyn & Morgan Owenby }

Talk about young love. How beautiful of a story to tell of marrying someone you grew up with since preschool. We were so honored to celebrate with this loving couple and even more honored we get to share their story with you. Here is what Caitlyn had to say about their love story:

"I have known Morgan for many many years. We both went to preschool at First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville (where our wedding ceremony was). Though we might have met then, we both remember meeting in sixth grade when we started our confirmation classes at the church. Over the next few years, we mingled at church and at school.

We attended the same middle school and high school. In ninth grade, we "dated" for that entire year. Then, we were each others first heart break. Which I have a feeling was more traumatizing for me than it was for him. For our sophomore year and junior year of high school, we hated each other. We would go back and forth tormenting each other. Morgan even went so far as to vandalize my first car.

Right before we started our senior year in high school, we gave each other another chance. After many denials, I agreed to start dating Morgan again. And we have been together ever since. We both decided to follow our own paths when we went to college. Him at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA studying chemistry. And me at the greatest University on the planet, Clemson, in what I fondly refer to as God's Country studying biosystems engineering. Four years apart have had their struggles, but we have encouraged each other to follow our career paths even when that meant spending every single summer apart. We have simultaneously grown closer and more independent. We were both able to have our own college experiences, but we also shared many of those experiences. Morgan proposed this past December and we decided to have a short engagement so that we could get married on my parent's anniversary June 27th."

A lot of brides question doing a first look or not. For Caitlyn, it was just one more thing that made the whole day stressfree; being able to still cherish that special moment and not keep your guest waiting for you to finish up photos. One of our favorite things about managing The Walter's Barn is the access to the house for the bridal party to get ready in. Caitlyn said she felt so relaxed and enjoyed being able to get ready with all her bridesmaids, it makes everything seem so surreal. Especially as soon as you put that stunning white dress and veil on.

"Our ceremony was by far my favorite part of the whole day. It was extremely emotional and meaningful. We were married at the same alter that we were both confirmed at when we were in sixth grade together. We had a time of Communion and everyone had a chance to come and pray over us. Two of our youth ministers that we grew up with officiated our ceremony. We had amazing family friends sing all of our music. It was just perfect."

"I would give Soirees Southern Events a 10 out of 10. The surrounding farmland is what really sold me on the location. You can look in any direction and it is gorgeous. That is really rare. Usually there is some sort of eyesore but not at the Walters Barn. Everything was perfect that they did. Not a single hiccup during the day. I was truly able to just relax and enjoy the company of everyone I loved."

Caitlyn & Morgan, we hope you continue to inspire people with the love you have for eachother and your love for everyone around you. We are so glad we were able to be a part of your day and help create the wedding you've always dreamt of. Best wishes in all you do!

Photography by : Erika Brown Photography

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