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{ 10 Best Ways to Cut Costs }

Everyone dreads discussing that oh so tragic wedding budget. Why do wedding's have to be so expensive? How can you find ways in cutting costs? Here are some of our top 10 ways to help keep the bills down without compromising the integrity of the ceremony and reception.

1. One of the easiest ways to cut cost is by trimming your guest list. Your cost per guest is your biggest expense. Select a smaller, more intimate group of family and friends.

2.Choose a setting whether eco-conscious that is naturally a beautiful space or a gorgeous ballroom that will not have to be heavily decorated. You will save a great deal in unnecessary decorations.

Erika Brown Photography

3. Choose a day other than Saturday. Most venues have a discounted price for a Sunday event or move the date to a weekday to cut your cost even more.

4. Select a location that includes all tables, chairs, linens, and staff. Tents and other rentals add up to a substantial expense.

5. Earlier is better. Start your wedding earlier in the day to lower your food cost and alcohol consumption. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or heavy hors d'oeuvres cost less than dinner.

Who says happy hour can't be at 9AM?

6. Limit the alcohol offering to a signature cocktail, beer and wine. For a breakfast or brunch, offer a bloody mary and mimosa drink selection or a champagne punch for an afternoon event. This helps to limit the alocohol consumption and lowers your liquor costs.

7. Eliminate the champagne toast. It is perfectly acceptable to have your guests toast with whatever they are drinking.

8. Instead of live music, hire a DJ for your event.

9. Re-use your floral arrangements from the ceremony at your reception. With careful planning, your floral designer can create unique arrangements that can be transported from one venue to the other. For example, using your bridesmaids bouquets as center pieces. {Shown Above}

10. Choose favors that are hand crafted by local artisans or homemade by a local chef.

Erika Brown Photography

We hope these tips help in creating your wedding budget! Good luck!

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