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{ Amy & Kenneth Burkett }

How beautiful is this couple...I mean come on!! They have one beautiful story that made for one beautiful wedding day! We were so thrilled to be a part of their magical day.... here is a look in to how it went!

Amy and Kenneth have known each other since they were 12 at Creekland Middle School. Kenneth was a year older and Amy had an eye for him. “I even still have a binder of notes exchanged between my best friend at the time with I <3 Kenneth Burkett all over them!” However, roles reversed when they got in to high school and Amy grew in to the woman Kenneth wanted, however she never gave him the time of day.

Following graduation, Kenneth joined the Army and Amy moved to Savannah for college. In 2012 they both moved back to the Atlanta area and ran in to each other a night out in downtown Buford. They have been inseparable since.

It was December 26, 2014 that Kenneth popped the question. He made Amy dinner and then got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. “It was simple and sweet – just like how we are”

“My favorite part of the ceremony was having my Daddy walk me down the aisle ( I am a daddy's girl) and looking at Kenneth's face when he saw me.”

Although it started raining two hours before the ceremony, we were able to wipe everything down and proceed with the wedding with nothing being affected. If anything the rain emphasized Amy’s favorite feature of the venue, the breathtaking scenery. Perfect for the type of wedding Amy had always dreamt of, being a Georgia girl and all. “Every single detail was perfect – it felt magical”

“My favorite part of the reception was my first dance with Kenneth and the toasts that our friends did. Not to mention, the barn looked exactly how I pictured it- even better!”

“I would 110% recommend the venue and the staff. Sherri and Alison took such good care of me that I seriously did not stress throughout the entire planning process. I was so confident with them taking care of me that I didn't panic once about anything going wrong. Sherri did such an AMAZING job on my flowers too. I showed her a picture of what I wanted my bouquet to look like from Pinterest and my bouquet was TEN TIMES more beautiful then the one in the picture. I would never hesitate to send someone their way.”

Amy arrived to the barn in one of the most stunning dresses. It was so breathtaking we had to find out more about it. “I found my wedding dress on Pinterest two years ago. I thought it was so beautiful and I pinned it. After Kenneth proposed, I immediately went back to find that pin. It was not connected to a website- it was just an image. I researched for days before I finally tracked down the store- it is a vintage clothing store called Shareen's Bridal and Vintage. I found out she had two stores: one in New York and one in LA. I tried getting her to send me a sample so I could try it on but she unfortunately could not do that for me. I was very upset because I knew this was the dress I wanted.. Kenneth booked me and my best friend a flight to New York City and we flew up there to try on the dress.. I never even tried anything else on. I put it on and cried. She custom made the dress for me and shipped it to me in May. I love this story :)”

We are so thrilled everyone { Including ourselves } had such a fun time at the Burkett wedding!! We wish the best to come in yall's future and continue to live a fun spirited life. Congratulations!

Beautiful Photography by : Bella Noche Photography

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