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{ Reinventing the Wedding Favor }

Most of us have been to a wedding and received a wedding favor that you will most likely never use. Although you may enjoy the idea of a personalized coaster or the convenience of Jordan almonds, your guests might not be so thrilled. Let’s reinvent the party favor into something your guests will remember and love!

1. Assorted Candy Buffet with take-home cups:

Everyone has his or her favorite candy, right? By having a bar set up with an assortment of different candies, guests are able to take a personalized goodie box home. This way, guests will get his or her sweet tooth fix and remember your perfect night! :)

2. Homemade Jams:

Here in North Georgia, we love homemade jellies or jams! This favor is unique and will likely impress many of the anti-favor guests. We also LOVE to use the small mason jars here at The Walters Barn, so what better way to incorporate the wedding décor into your favors?

3. Photo booth:

Using a photo booth is one way to host a night that your guests will always remember. Many photo booth companies allow the bride and groom to personalize the photo strips in which the guests receive. Many people love to take photo booth pictures, so this gives them something that they will keep for years and always remember your special day by.

Break away from those bad favors by choosing a favor that your guests will absolutely love! Make sure you go check out one of recent blog posts on Watercolor Wedding Trends on ways to incorporate your colors into the details of your wedding!

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