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{ Shelby & Zach English }

Shelby and Zach are the type of couple in which love just radiates off of them. To love someone as much and as sweetly as this couple would truly be anyone’s aspiration. It was a pleasure working with them on their wedding day and we are so excited to share their story with you!

It was Zach’s friend from college and Shelby’s friend from high school that introduced them (I’m sure knowing they would be the perfect couple) and the rest was history!

It doesn’t take long for true love to know that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. It was their one-year anniversary that Zach decided to surprise Shelby with a gift she’d never forget. Driving through the mountains of Tennessee, Zach gave Shelby a gift of a scarf and an extremely sweet card. He told her that wherever they went she had to carry the scarf with her because there was no telling when she would need it. They got out of the car at a couple stops to walk around and she never needed the scarf. It was when they were at the top of a mountain enjoying the amazingly beautiful view that Zach turned Shelby away telling her to put on the scarf as a blindfold. He turned her back around and when he took off the blindfold he spoke the sweetest words and got down on one knee. It was beyond perfect for Shelby and the perfect beginning to their future together.

“Our planning process was so very easy! We had Sherri!!! Sherri made life so much easier the next 9 months! I showed her pictures of things I liked and she went from there! She also helped with the bridesmaid dress and they were absolutely beautiful!!! Our wedding day was a dream!!! Sherri did everything I asked for plus more!!! I could not have asked for a more beautiful day!!! It was perfect!!!!”

We asked Shelby what her favorite part about being married is and her response was the sweetest. She loves being able to go home to her best friend and spending all the time in the world together. “We do everything together! Being married is wonderful!!”

We are so excited for the both of you and the journey you are about to be on! Continue to love and grow and cherish every moment! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!


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