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{ Groom's 6-Month Wedding Planning Timeline }

Alright ladies, we gave you the one year wedding planning timeline last week, now it’s time for the men! Just like the brides, the grooms have their own tasks to complete before the wedding day. Show this timeline to your man, or print it out to keep him accountable as your big day approaches.

6 Months Ahead

  • Decide division of financial obligations

  • Set budget

  • Set appointment with clergyman

  • Prepare your guest list

  • Choose your Best Man and ushers (one per every 50 guests)

  • Plan your honeymoon

  • Check passports and visas, if necessary

  • Make reservations for rehearsal dinner

  • Take dance lessons

4 Months Ahead

  • Select formal wear

  • Find a new place to live, if necessary

  • Make reservations for honeymoon

  • Have a complete physical exam and update your immunizations

  • Shop for honeymoon clothing

2 Months Ahead

  • Buy wedding bands and order engraving

  • Set date with your fiance to obtain marriage license (state laws vary)

1 Month Ahead

  • Select your bride's gift and gifts for your groomsmen

  • Review legal, medical, and church or synagogue documents

  • Reserve limousine and/or arrange special transportation for bridal couple and wedding party

  • Confirm honeymoon details and reservations

2 Weeks Prior

  • Arrange to move your belongings into your new home, if necessary

  • Have bachelor party or dinner

  • Schedule hair appointment

1 Week Prior

  • Confrim time and place of wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner with all attendants

  • Provide final guest count for rehearsal dinner to caterer or restaurant

  • Pick up wedding bands

  • Pick up formal wear

  • Give best man the clergyman's fee in sealed envelope for delivery

  • Pack for honeymoon

  • Relax and get ready to enjoy the most amazing day of your life!

Now that you have the proper guidelines of what you need to do before your wedding, we wish you the best of luck! Just in case you missed it, go check out our latest blog post on the Bride’s 1-Year Wedding Planning Timeline!

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