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{ Anna & Nathan Unger Wedding }

Anna and Nathan were made for each other. Being able to share a day with such an encouraging couple (in their love for each other as well as their love for Christ) was such a blessing. We are so excited to share this remarkable couple’s story with you!

Nathan shared with us how the two of them met and I think this would just about be any guy’s dream…. a girl who can hold her own in a game of football. “Our first encounter occurred at a BCM flag football practice. Anna played for the BCM girl’ steam, who had recently made it to the playoffs. I was on the guy’s team who was called to practice against them for preparation. Long story made a little bit shorter, I was going out for a pass and being defended by Anna. When the ball came close, I reached out to catch it, but it was tipped end over end directly into my eye. A year later, Anna found out I had to go to the eye doctor afterwards. Clearly, after that meeting, who wouldn't want to start dating and eventually get married?

Although our first introduction wasn't the smoothest, we both ended up going to Savannah with BCM for the Spring Break mission trip. The two of us had the opportunity to spend a week in Savannah on a short-term ministry trip with the BCM and a local church in the area. That was essentially the beginning of something neither of us could have ever imagined. We were given a rare and fortunate opportunity to serve alongside one another and get to know each other. As the school months came to a close for the summer we went our separate ways as I traveled home to Virginia and Anna stayed on campus to take classes. It was a good time to seek and understand what God had in store for the two of us when we traveled back to campus in the fall. Fortunately, we were able to see each other a handful of times throughout the summer, which only reaffirmed our beliefs that something exciting might be right around the corner."

{Warning: will bring tears when reading} With 17 months of dating, Anna was in for a big surprise. “Nathan and I "celebrated my birthday" on January 8th! Nathan told me he wanted to take me out for a birthday date early in the week, and he asked if we could go out on a Thursday to celebrate. So, I thought maybe something special is happening at one of the restaurants we like on, or maybe we are doing something with friends who can only be here on Thursday etc. However, after he told me it would be a surprise date, he had a very suspicious smile on his face. Being the curious person that I am, I nagged and nagged all week to try and see if he would break and spill the secret of the surprise date. Thankfully he never broke, although he did almost send me home early one night when I kept asking, "what are we doing?"

Thursday rolled around, and I struggled through my two classes with little focus. I was excited about this 'surprise' date. Nathan said he would pick me up when he got out of class around 4:45. I figured he would be at my house around 5:00 (which I thought was kind of early for dinner). After Nathan "left class" (he was actually decorating the Founder's Garden) and drove through "heavy traffic" (Still decorating :) ) he arrived to pick me up! We drove to a parking lot downtown. After we parked Nathan said, " before we get started I want you to look in the glove box because there is something in there for you." So I opened the glove box and found a note that, in short, said how wonderful the past 17 months have been and that this is note 1 of 3. Of course my first thought was "ooooh are we going on a scavenger hunt?!?" With which Nathan responded "kind of..." So we set off across the street to beautiful North Campus where I found a second note. This note was with a single rose and had lots of little tea candles around it. I opened this note which said this is letter 2 of 3 now follow the candles down the path. In the Founder's Garden there is a long path with pebbles as the walkway. At the end of the path is a bench and a gazebo.

During the previous year, Nathan and I spent many hours in the garden, and lots of time on the bench just talking, having picnics, reading the Bible, and getting to know one another. This is also the location where we officially started dating! Nathan lined the entire path with candles, and had Christmas lights around the gazebo. On the bench there was a bouquet of roses and a third note. The third note was really sweet and explained how wonderful God's plan was and just kind of how our time dating together has gone. Then the last line said "will you be my wife?" So when I turned around Nathan was down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said yes!! Then we were greeted by so many friends and family and had such a great evening celebrating! :))

We asked this inspiring couple what their favorite thing about being married is and they said simply “growing together, learning more about one another everyday, sharing a spiritual relationship, growing closer to our Savior, eating lots of good food together, traveling together, just everything!”

Our wedding planner, Allison, had a beautiful thing to say about this couple: “Weddings are beautiful! I love every aspect of them! But my absolutely favorite thing about weddings… the clear picture of the gospel that it displays and Christ’s relationship with the church! Not every bride and groom I work with are Christians and not all of them believe the same thing I do, but when you run into a couple who does and who clearly displays the gospel for their guests like these two… well that’s a special thing! In a time where our world is confused about what marriage is and isn’t, I’m thankful to have this as an encouragement! Thank you for being bold in your faith and letting me be apart of this special day! I pray that every couple I come in contact with will be able to see the love of Christ in me!”

We know the two of you will do great things and inspire many. You have made such an impact on so many already; there is no limit to what god has in store for the both of you! We wish you the best and pray for a lifetime of happiness! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Beautiful Phototgraphy By: Dash Photography

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