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{ 5 Tips for a Spring Wedding }

Spring weddings are beautiful and extraordinary. With the crisp air, blooming flowers, and green everywhere, these weddings are always a big hit! We have come up with a few tips for having your dream spring wedding.

1. Bold Bouquets and Centerpieces

We all know what they say, "April Showers Brings May Flowers." We love when brides decide to go bold and choose from all of the blooming spring flowers!

2. Embrace the Rainy Season

Rain in the springtime is inevitable, so you might as well embrace the weather and make the most of your big day! Having the bride and bridesmaids have rainboots and umbrellas makes for a great photo opportunity!

3. Vibrant Bridesmaids Dresses

Having bright bridesmaids dresses is fun and it shows personality! Why not have a big pop of color on your big day?

4. Lighten up the Groomsmen

It's springtime! Have your groomsmen choose tan suits, instead of black for a light and interesting look.

5. Edible Favors

Who doesn't like something to eat on their way out of a wedding? Give your guests a favor that they can enjoy after your big day! Whether it is coffee beans, honey, or some trail mix, your guests will love having a take-home snack!

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