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{ Choosing the Perfect Maid of Honor }

Choosing your maid of honor (MOH) is one of the biggest decisions in wedding planning. Brides need to have the perfect right-hand woman to make their lives stress-free and fun! Most brides think that they need to pick a maid of honor who they have known the longest. This is most definitely not the case. The maid of honor needs to be supportive, hard working, and determined, whether the bride has known her for 1 year or 11 years. These key attributes are going to help the bride in many situations.

1. Supportive:

Every bride needs a big support system! She has to make tons of decisions for one of the biggest days of her life. She needs a maid of honor who will support all of her decisions and gives honest feedback to make the bride feel loved and supported.

2. Hard Working:

The maid of honor has a lot to do! Choose a MOH who will get things done for your big day. She should work hard to make this the best time of your lives! She should work hard to plan an awesome bridal shower, and of course, the Bachelorette Party!!

3. Determined:

Choose a MOH who will do everything she can to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you are dead-set on having your bridesmaids wear a vibrant and fun color, then she should be determined to rock that color and give you the assurance you need on your big day!

Being chosen to be a MOH is one of the most special and dear compliments a friend can receive. So pick a maid of honor who will love and support every decision you make for your big day… it is your wedding day after all! And now that you have your bridesmaids, go check out our most recent blog on Bridesmaids Gifts!

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