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{ 4 Alternatives for the Traditional Guest Book }

The guest book has been a tradition for weddings in the past, where the attending guests can write their warmest wishes for you and your loved one to look back on. But why settle for the common paper and pen? Here are four alternatives to spice up the memory of who was there on your big day!

1. Date Night Jar/Words of Advice

The many different ways to do this idea are endless! Set up a small table with a way for your guests to write down their date night ideas and advice on how to keep that spark going in the marriage. You could provide popsicle sticks in a decorated mason jar or something as simple as small pieces of paper the guests can drop in a jar or basket.

2. Define the Couple

Take a dictionary and let your guests go through and circle words they feel defines you as a couple! Provide small sticky notes for the guests to mark the pages. This leaves the option open for your guests to be funny or sentimental!

3. Signed Cork or Jenga Piece

Your guests can sign a cork and then drop it in a big basket, or in a square, glass frame. It could be a cute first decoration in your newly wed home! A center element in the frame, such as a cute picture of y'all or a decorative block with your names and date of wedding, would be the finishing touch to a memorable decoration! The same concept can occur with Jenga pieces! It will give you an opportunity to look back on who attended while playing this classic game.

4. Polaroid Photo Book

The Polaroid camera is on the rise again! Leave one out at a table so guests can snap a quick shot of themselves to stick in a scrap book along with a meaningful message. You could even leave out little photo booth props to add some fun!

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