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{ Ways That Millennial Couples Are Different }

Millennials seem to be setting new trends in the wedding industry. For instance, millennial couples are on average, spending about $31,000 on their wedding. An interesting fact to consider about this is that millennials are spending more money but inviting fewer guests. So there is an increase in spending but a decrease in who it is being spent on. So what are millennials paying for? They are willing to spend more money to personalize their wedding. This generation is paying for they little details that will cause their guests to walk away talking about the originality and sentimental value of the wedding. Millennial couples also seem to be having longer engagements than past generations, larger wedding parties, and hiring more vendors than ever before.

When it comes to almost anything, millennials are definitely the mobile generation. So that especially holds true when shopping for a wedding venue and wedding vendors. It is important to millennials that they have easy access to information from their mobile device or computer. This is truly vital for businesses in the wedding industry to be aware of because this generation is now going to make up the bulk of their customer base. A website that is hard to navigate or lacking in helpful information can be an instant deal breaker for millennial customers.

With that being said, it is just as important for businesses to have an active social media presence as it is for businesses to have an intriguing and helpful website. Studies have shown that on average the millennial generation spends approximately five and a half hours on their phone every day. In order to grab the attention of your millennial customer base it's essential to post interesting and relevant content that will capture the attention of your viewers. Try to keep content both aesthetically pleasing and useful for tips and advice. Work to stay interactive with followers and prospective clients alike.

We hope that you have enjoyed these insights into what makes the millennial generation so unique!

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