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{ Pantone Color of the Week : Silt Green }

Pantone's silt green color pallet is a very soft version of mint green

with tints of pale hues. Descriptive words that Pantone uses to accompany

this color include:

[ Capable, Popular, & Inspiring ]

A great aspect about this color pallet is that it can be used during any season of the year. This shade can be paired with so many other colors to create a variety of looks. Try pairing this color with other shades of green or any shade of blue. White and gold are of course great choices for accent colors for this pallet as well. For a brighter look silt green works really well with soft yellows and for a calming color scheme try pairing this pallet with shades of lavender and plum. Cool neutrals such as grey give the silt green pallet a very fresh and modern look.

We hope this gives you great ideas on how you can incorporate silt green

into your wedding color pallet!

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