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{ Brittany & Michael Fowler Wedding }

It was such a pleasure watching Brittany and Michael tie the knot! They are such a fun couple and we were so honored to be a part of their day! Here’s a look in to their story and wedding day!

"Michael had come to my sorority house after a dance Brenau hosted. I hadn't gone because I had a late class. A few minutes after I got home, my sorority sisters and he walked through the door. We ended up spending time all hanging out that night. But after that, nothing more was said. A week later, I saw him out on the square. We sparked conversation, exchanged numbers, and became best friends. However, I was in a relationship and wanted nothing more from him. But that relationship eventually came to end and when it did, I called Michael. He was my knight in shining armor, and we've been inseparable ever since."

A little over 2 years passed…

"One night, we were cleaning the apartment that we had just moved into together. Michael was wearing sweatpants that had pockets his hands refused to leave. He would rock back and forth, smiling weirdly, and at one point grabbed my left hand and said, "hmm". I thought nothing of it but told him that because he was acting weird I was going to bed. He tried to get me to stay up with him, but I had work in the morning and wanted to get some sleep. Early the next day, Michael woke me up asking if he could make me breakfast. Not completely unusual but weird enough. So I agreed, and got up to get ready. As soon as I had finished getting ready, I heard his voice outside the door. I opened the door and there he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. Stunned, I said, "are you serious?". A look of horror flashed over him as he quickly responded, "yes!". I started crying out of happiness and said "YES!". Later, I found out that he had the ring in his pocket the night before, didn't sleep one bit that night, and just couldn't wait any longer."

"My wedding day was absolutely perfect! Everything went just the way I had imagined it. When I got engaged and we started to plan our wedding, a picture of my dream wedding entered my mind and when the day of the wedding came, it was everything I absolutely wanted. Literally nothing went wrong, and it was Michael and I’s best day ever. It just went by way too fast!"

"I loved the Walter's Barn! It was the perfect venue for what my husband and I had in mind. It was rustic but well kept. I loved all the decorations and Soirees Southern Events was absolutely incredible. Whatever I wanted, they made it happen. Everyone was so accommodating and helped to make my day absolutely incredible! I seriously couldn't have imagined my wedding any other way!"

Brittany and Micheal's wedding was nothing short of incredible. When two best friends fall in love it is sure to be magical. We can't thank you enough for letting us help bring your dream wedding to life!

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