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{ The Basics of Tuxedo Rentals }

Tuxedo rentals can be confusing when you aren't sure where to begin. Here are a few helpful tips to remember when you begin your search for the perfect tux!

  • Look for a formalwear store that updates its tuxedo inventory regularly. You don't want to be stuck with trends from the past.

  • A good formalwear dealer will know how to measure you properly (inseam, waist, jacket size) and give you a tuxedo fitting in advance of the wedding. However, be careful to take into consideration weight fluctuation when getting measured months ahead of time.

  • The sales associate should listen to you. You are the customer and you know what you want. If they are being pushy trying to sell you something when you are telling them you want something different, you know you are at the wrong place.

  • Consider online rental services that'll ship the tux to your door. This would be especially convenient if your wedding party is spread out across the country.

  • Make sure the store can supply you with all the tuxedo accessories you'll need: tie, cuff links, pocket square, belt, even shoes. Everything will go a lot smoother if you can get everything in one place!

  • Finally, have all your groomsmen order their looks from the same place so you'll match perfectly. (Stores usually even offer discounts for large orders.) Most couples pick out each groomsmen's tux so that all they have to do is get fitted and pick it up it up.

We hope this has given you great ideas on how to create the best look for those handsome men in your wedding!

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