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{ 12 Things Brides Often Regret Not Doing At Their Wedding }

12 Things Brides Often Regret Not Doing At Their Wedding

1. Foregoing the Videographer- A wedding video will be a special memento you will most likely regret not having to cherish years later.

2. Choosing Watermarked Photo Images- Try looking for a photo option where you won't have to worry about your photographers logo being embedded in all of your pictures. These are the keepsakes that will last forever.

3. Ceremony Food- If you want your guests to wait to eat until after you and your spouse are done taking pictures, it would be courteous to provide them with a few hors d'oeurves to hold them over until the meal is served.

4. 1st Dance Song- Don't make your decision based on what you think your guests will like. Choose a first dance song that means something special to you and your significant other.

5. The Open Bar Dilemma- If an open bar doesn't fit into your budget, don't stress! It is perfectly acceptable to only serve beer and wine and it will save you a fortune!

6. Hotel For the Wedding Night- This is not something to skimp on. You will only have one first night as husband and wife so don't be afraid to splurge!

7. Family Portraits- This is one of the happiest occasions where the family will be all together, there could never be too many photographs to capture those memories!

8. Picture Perfect Arms- Bride's will often think about dieting and working out but often forget that if they're wearing a sleeveless dress they may want to focus on toning their arms as well.

9. A Quality Moment- Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. Make sure to take a moment with just the two of you to celebrate each other.

10. Skin Savior- This is important especially if you are getting married during a hotter season of the year. It would be helpful to have something to blot your sweat when needed.

11. The Dress Switch- Switching from your wedding dress into a different dress for the reception would be something to think about if you are especially worried about getting your dress dirty during the reception.

12. Shoe Savvy- We know that you want your shoes to be cute, but think of your feet and choose a cute but comfortable shoe.

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