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{Pantone Color of the Week : Lavender }

Lavender is one of our absolute favorite wedding colors. Whether or not you use it as a main color or as an accent it is sure to add a sweet touch to your decor. The color lavender is soothing, light, and airy. A wonderful quality about lavender is that you can use the color easily as well as use the flower itself in many different aspects of your wedding. A few of our favorite ideas we have seen people do with lavender have been a lavender toss as the bride and groom exit, cake decorations, table centerpieces, and of course in the bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets. We have found that his color pairs really well with neutrals such as green, grey, and tan. We also love the way lavender looks alongside darker purples and plums. Check out a few of our favorite designs using lavender in the photos below!

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