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{ Managing Wedding Stress }

We know wedding planning can be a really stressful time so we have put together a few tips that we think might be helpful to keep in mind during this busy season of life!

1. Make sure you stay close with your fiancé. This is the most important. There is a lot to planning a wedding but don't forget to spend time planning for your marriage. Take time to enjoy each other and continue growing in your relationship and learning about one another.

2. Take care of your health. Make sure to get enough sleep. You won't be able to do all that you need to do if you're not getting enough sleep. When you eat well and take time to exercise you will have so much more energy to get your planning done!

3. Make time to do things you love. You can't spend all your time planning. Take time to be alone, go on a walk, see a movie, spend time with your friends just having fun. Balance is important!

4. Set ground rules. Although it will be fun to experience this season of life with your family and friends and the people that you love, don't let them control your day. Make it known from day one that while you respect people's opinions you want the final say in the decisions for your big.

5. Take breaks. You will definitely stress yourself out if you spend every minute consumed with planning. It's okay to do other things, you have a life and you need to live it even in the midst of this busy time.

6. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Let people help you! Don't try to do everything on your own. You have plenty of people who are more than willing to help you. Friends, family, bridesmaids, and of course your sweet fiancé!

Comment below to tell us how you've handled the stress of your engagement season!

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