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{ Love Is Sweet }

Yesterday's blog provided several unique ideas on grooms cakes that will perfectly reflect the personality of the groom. Today we wanted to share a few more ideas on dessert options for your special day!

Everyone has a sweet tooth so the desserts you choose could very well be the most popular aspect of your wedding for your guests. Feel the freedom to be creative and let who are shine through!

Don't stress about all the choices that are out there, desserts should be a stress reliever and never a stress inducer! If your wedding is more on the upscale side, display your dessert choices in a really elegant way and if your wedding has a more casual feel make your dessert display more whimsical and fun!

There are so many dessert bar options today such as cookie bars and pie bars. We've seen families bring homemade desserts or display their favorite doughnuts. Miniature and bite sized dessert options are also really great because your guests will be able to feel good about trying all of the options that you provide!

We hope this has been helpful and given you some great ideas for the sweetest part of your wedding day!

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