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12 Tips For Writing a Wedding Day Love Note

Have a plan in place Talk to your future spouse in advance about your desire to write a love note to give to them on the wedding day. You want to make sure they are aware this is something you want to do so you will both be prepared.

Brainstorm in advance

Start thinking a couple of weeks in advance about what you want to write in your note.

Find a quiet writing spot You can write your letter anytime you want but if you wait until the night before or the morning of your wedding your emotion will be at its peak. We know you will be busy but it's important to give yourself a moment of alone time before your big day.

Use nice stationery Use nice paper that you can have as a beautiful keepsake forever.

Share your feelings This is your moment to be vulnerable and to tell your future spouse all that your feeling before you promise them forever.

Praise your partner Tell them everything you love about them and all of the reasons why you are so excited to be marrying them.

Talk about the future Talk about your dreams for the future together and all of the reasons you can't wait to start your life together!

Don’t be afraid to be cheesy You are marrying the love of your life, it's okay to be lovey-dovey!

It’s a letter, not a school paper Don’t worry too much about spelling and grammar. This is a personal letter, not something to be graded. Keep it short and sweet.

Find a trusted “letter carrier” If you're not doing a first look where you can see them and give them the letter yourself, make sure you give the letter to someone you trust to deliver it!

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