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{ Your Wedding Invitation Says It All }

A great way to save money is to print your own wedding invitations, menus, table number cards, programs, etc. Making your own wedding invitations can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect font. Your wedding invitation is your first impression of your wedding itself. The invitation sets the tone for the wedding because it is the first thing your guests will lay their eyes on before the wedding day. Picking the right font can be very challenging. What formality, style, or theme do you want to communicate to your guests? Here are some tips that may help:

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations- The beautiful, flowing letters of this font says it is a more elegant and formal affair. The font is classic and traditional. This timeless font has become the latest trend in 2017 weddings.

Modern Wedding Invitations- A popular modern trend is using all caps. This font is a clean and simple font with an sense of elegance remaining. Being all caps, this will put an emphasis on the text of the invitation rather than any design aspect.

Script Wedding Invitations- This look will never phase out and this characteristic is important to consider if you will be sharing your wedding albums with friends and family years from now. Script font is an easy choice to make if your concern is preserving the elegance and importance of the big wedding day.

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