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{ Cheers to Your Big Day }

Which type of bar will you choose for your big day?

You will have lots of decisions to make going into your big day. One of the biggest decisions is what type of bar will your wedding have. Whether you want to have a dry wedding or a completely stocked bar, these options below will give you a little more information on each type of wedding bar.

Dry Wedding

A special day does not always have to include alcohol. If this is how you feel, a dry wedding is the one for you. It is up to you if you want to inform your guests before the big day that it will be a dry wedding. A dry wedding means no alcohol anywhere on the premises of the wedding. Dry weddings are popular for Sunday weddings, mid-morning or noon weddings, or if you just want to have alcohol-free fun to focus on your day!

Limited Bar

A limited bar can be a great way to save money on a bar at a wedding without making your guests pay for their drinks. This makes it fun and adds a personal touch from the bride and the groom on the big day. This option provides a signature drink instead of a fully stocked bar. This may also include a few choices of beers or wines as well.

Cash Bar

Have a tight wedding budget but still want a full bar? Having a cash bar will be perfect for you. Guests tend to be a little hesitant on this type of bar, but it is your day so you get to make the choices. This way everyone can get the type of drink they desire, but just at a little bit of a price.

Open Bar

Last but not least, the fully stocked open bar. This is the pricier option, but the most popular. A fully stocked bar has everything when it comes to liquors, beers, and wines. Having an open bar is one way to make sure that your guest are getting everything they want with lots of different drink options.

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