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{ Matthew & Jordan Wedding }

Meeting couples like Matthew and Jordan is a privilege. It was such a blessing getting to be a part of their big day! It was absolutely beautiful from start to finish, much like this couple.

We asked Matthew to tell us about his and Jordan’s love story and this is what he had to say, “Jordan and I first met my first year of college at the University of Georgia. I was young and bright-eyed, yet still figuring out what I wanted to do in life. All I really knew was that I loved studying politics. When I found Jordan that first November of college, it was instant chemistry. Jordan was a recent graduate in Political Science and International Relations from UGA and was gearing up for Law School. We bonded immediately on the ability to discuss politics and to debate against each-others best arguments. It was love soon after! Jordan soon went off to Mercer Law School in Macon while I continued my education at UGA. However, he fought to get back to Georgia to be back closer to me, and soon transferred to UGA Law. After three years of dating, we reached my senior year of school. I knew I wanted to go to Graduate School to continue my study of politics and he was graduating law school at the same time. Soon we settled on my attendance at the University of Colorado-Boulder Graduate School in Political Science! But before we prepared to leave our home state, Jordan surprised me one late summer night with a proposal. After having dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date at, Jordan took me on campus at UGA to the fountain on Herty Field of North Campus. Right in from of Candler Hall, our shared building of study on campus for so many years, Jordan proposed and I said yes! I think I had known he was the one for a while, but I cannot in my memory put a finger on when I knew for sure. We ended up moving to Colorado though about 10 months later to start our new lives together. We were determined though to return for our wedding to the state we both called home, and so we did at the Walters Barn after four years of being together.”

To some couples, the planning process can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we have wonderful planners that like to make it easy on you! Check out what Matthew had to say about his planning process, “I personally loved the process though I am sure Jordan would tell you otherwise. First of all, I would not have survived without Sherri and McKenzie at Soirees. When I tell you these women are fabulous and caring individuals, I say so with such great admiration for both of them. Sherri was pivotal in helping us with the decor and with food choices. Meanwhile, McKenzie was amazing in helping us keep the special day going smoothly and without hiccups. I loved personally working on the invitations, the clothing choices, and the nitty gritty detail decisions. It was a lot of work of course, but we survived and I loved it looking back.”

“The absolute best part of the special day was the ceremony itself. Having all of our friends and family there to be a part of our special day was so meaningful. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and all of the flowers everywhere just made it look and feel so special and personal. We were so honored to have the opportunity to have the wedding of our dreams, and the ceremony was everything we could have imagined.”

We thank Matthew and Jordan for being such a pleasure to work with and wish them the best of luck in all they do!

“I do not know if I can praise the location and the Soirees team enough. First of all, I need to offer some backstory. I was a nervous wreck picking venues. As we are a same sex couple, I had deep fears of showing up to an event only to be told no to one we fell in love with. The Soiree team was actually the first location I called, and I remember talking to Sherri personally on the phone. I had become familiar with Walters Barn years before at the wedding of a friend, and I knew I wanted to location. Sherri was the kindest person I could have ever experienced on that phone call, and it was that kindness that ultimately sold me on the decision to stick with Walters Barn. The Barn was absolutely beautiful and only accentuated the designs I was going for in my mind. The Soiree team was so on top of it at all times. Looking back, I can honestly say I never can think of a time I was frustrated or disappointed with the time commitments or products from their team. They know so much about all of the venders in the area, and they truly care about making it a special day. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for an amazing wedding space.”

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