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{ Taylor & Jordan Meeks }


Jordan and I met August 2013 at Valdosta State University in a chemistry class. Jordan returned to VSU to pursue core course requirements to attend PA school and I was taking courses to apply to nursing school. I saw him the first day of class and thought he was the most attractive guy I had ever seen. Two weeks go by and I hadn’t seen him in class, but then he walked in the door, asked if he could sit next to me, and we started talking and the rest is history!!

It’s funny because I wasn’t completely supposed to be in that course - I was originally going into Exercise Physiology for August 2013 until two months prior when I couldn’t complete the course requirements. I decided last minute to switch my major to nursing and that’s how I ended up in the same courses as him! On another funny note, neither of us ended up as a PA or nurse!

We dated for a little less than two years when we got engaged, then we were engaged for about 10 months when we got married.

Last summer we went to Spain for a study abroad class. At the end of the trip we had a free 4-day trip that we could plan, so we decided to go to Rome, Italy. Jordan booked everything and away we went! It was so amazing - we went on a tour of the Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and more, then on a boat tour on the Tiber, and so much more. On the last day of the trip we were sight seeing a little bit before we had to get the train home and went by the “wedding cake of Italy” (Altare della Patria), then went to lunch. After lunch Jordan asked if we could stop by the Colosseum one last time because it was his favorite part of the trip. When we got there, he walked over to the Arch of Constantine, we sat down in the shade, but then he got up started acting a little odd. I had NO clue what was going on so I just thought it was funny and even took some pictures of him (so random). It was over 100 degrees out so I was burning up and just kept sitting in the shade. Then, he came over to me and pulled something out of his pocket and because I was facing the sun I couldn’t see what he was doing so I was even more confused! Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I couldn’t believe it, but I was SO excited!! We asked some random tourists to take a picture of us and then called our families on the way to the train to go home!

Our wedding day was amazing. I’m a naturally anxious person, but I was just so excited to finally marry him that all of that anxiety just melted the day-of. My mom prepared an amazing brunch for the Walters Villa while we were getting ready and it was just great to be able to have mimosas, get ready, and spend time with my bridesmaids and family! We had such a great time from start to finish. My favorite part of the day was the ceremony. We went the traditional route, but they were perfect and everything we feel. Jordan's brother, Brandon, married us and everything that he said, from the prayer, to the introduction, to the very end was so perfect and so special to us. It was amazing to FINALLY get to call Jordan my husband!! Our reception was amazing as well, of course, and the dancing and corn hole at the end was a great way to personalize our reception. Oh! Also, instead of a garter toss we decided to have a garter football game and Jordan enjoyed that. He had the married men playing against the single men and it was so much fun for everyone to watch. Our DJ, Nigel Looney, even got in on the game!

The Walters Barn & Soirees Southern Events were absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the barn was - it was more beautiful that I could have pictured it. The flowers were absolutely amazing, decorations perfect, and everything was exactly what I wanted. Sherri and the staff were wonderful and it was so great to not have to worry about anything at all that day. Everything flowed together so smoothly and I was so grateful for that. It was the wedding of my dreams! Also, I have had so many people still complimenting me on how beautiful the wedding was and how much they enjoyed it. That is such a great thing to hear when you work so hard on something - I definitely picked the right venue and I would choose y’all again in a heart beat!!

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