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{ Ceremony Ideas to Set You Apart }

A wedding ceremony is the shortest part of your wedding day, but it is also the most important! This is where you and your spouse become one and you will always remember the special moment between each other. However, are you looking for some special touches to really make your ceremony stand out? Here are some sweet and memorable ideas that you won't forget!


Seating arrangements can give you an opportunity to be as creative as you want! At the Walter's Barn, we offer our brides different options, but we have also had brides come up with their own design! You also do not have to stick to traditional chairs. Try out church pews, benches, antique chairs/couches, hay belles, and the list goes on! Incorporate options that fit into your venue and fit the two of you as a couple!


Whether you are getting married in the summer, winter, or anywhere in between, beverages are always a good idea to provide to your guests as they arrive! Serve water, tea, or lemonade in the summer, hot chocolate or coffee in the winter, and even some yummy apple cider in the fall! You can even create a cute stand to set your beverages on!

Aisle Decorations

Adorn your aisle will flowers, pedals, candles, lanterns, whatever you can think of! These always capture some of the best pictures and give a sneak peak into your reception's decor!

Live Music

How special would it be to have someone singing or playing an instrument as your guests arrive, you walk down the aisle, and say your vows? It makes the ceremony so intimate and your guests will love it!

- Soirees Southern Events -

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