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{ Decorating Your Wedding Getaway Car }

One of the most memorable moments of your wedding night is exiting between all of your family and friends and going off into your getaway car! Whether you have rented an antique car, a luxury limousine, or are using a car of your own, there are so many creative ways to dress it up!

Having balloons on your car is an easy decoration that still saves you money. They also stand out and make for some sweet photographs!

There are many different DIY projects that can be added for a personalized touch to the getaway car. Painting over old cans, using yarn or ribbon, and creating pompoms are just a few! Get creative and add touches that fit the bride and groom!

Adding flowers with a simple sign is a classic decoration that you can't go wrong with! A little bit of greenery, or flowers that go with the colors from the wedding will add the perfect touch.

Wanting to do something different to make your sign stand out? Use another phrase than "Just Married" like the photo below! If the bride and groom will be leaving for their honeymoon right after the wedding, then make a sign with something about travel, or you can relate it back to a personal aspect about the two! The sign can also be made with nearly anything such as fabric, wood, or a chalkboard.

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