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{ The Perfect Filter }

So we made a new discovery that is about to make every bride's day. Wedding Wire + Snapchat partnered up and created a simple way to create a Snapchat geofilter for all of your wedding festivities! We took a look at their website and wanted to share with y'all some of the highlights of this awesome feature.

There are three simple steps for creating your geofilter:

1) Choose Design

You can filter your design by different brands, the type of event, and season. So whether you are wanting something girly for a bachelorette weekend, or a design to match the theme of your wedding day, you have plenty of options to chose from!

2) Customize

This is the easy part! Just add in names, dates, or locations (depending on the filter you chose) to make the filter yours! The great part about this is the text fields are already preset so you won't have to mess around with placement! Picking your color options for text also happen at this stage, and Wedding Wire gives you sample photos to see how your filter will look.

3) Set It Up

Here you set how long you want the filter to be available, and how large of an area it needs to cover. Once the location is typed in, you can adjust the radius of the geofilter to be sure all of your guests can access it!

This is an inexpensive, and fun touch to any part of the journey to your wedding day! Creating a filter for 6 hours at The Walters Barn cost less than $20. Wanting to try this out for yourself? Go to Wedding Wire's page here to get started on it!

- Soirees Southern Events -

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