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{ Morgan & Nathan Nicholson }

Morgan and Nathan's rainy day wedding didn't stop them from celebrating enjoying the sweetest moments together! We are so thankful to have been a part of their amazing day! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson!

Read their love story below!

Her Side

"Who knew that a part-time job at the Outlet Mall in the summer of 2013 would change my life forever! I had applied for a summer job at Under Armour and began working on a Friday night. On Saturday morning, I came into work to find they were training another new employee. The new guy was wearing gym shorts and a button up UA polo. I knew right then and there he couldn't have a girlfriend. There's no way any good girlfriend would allow their boyfriend to dress that way! A week went by before I saw him again. He came into the store during my shift and asked me to help him pick out clothes to wear to work. What I heard him say was "cute clothes", but he swears he said cheap. Knowing him as well as I do now, I should have known he meant cheap! To my surprise, he had checked my schedule to see when I was at work, and planned his shopping spree for that day. We spent many days flirting at work, he helped me write a paper one night for one of my classes and then we finally went on our first date. He asked me to go on a hike with him over Labor Day weekend. I was so nervous that I almost told him no, but my Dad made me go with him! (Thank you Daddy!) We spent the day hiking Preacher's Rock and playing video games (I was trying to impress him). He took me to Captain D's for dinner. Now before any eyes are rolled, I know that sounds very unromantic, but we both love Captain D's and it was the only place open due to the holiday! From that day forward, we spent lots of time getting to know each other - sharing our hopes, dreams and even fears for the future. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend on October 18, 2013. We spent the next two years together at UNG. We saw each other almost every day until he graduated and moved to Macon to attend Mercer Law School. We then were forced to make the adjustment to a long distance relationship for three years (one more year to go)! On March 11, 2017, he took me on a hike once again to Preacher's Rock. I was totally oblivious and it never crossed my mind what was going on! At the top, he got down on one knee in front of our siblings and asked me to marry him! I cried A LOT, we took A LOT of pictures and then we hiked down to find our parents were waiting for us. Yes, I then cried some more. Later that night he threw me a surprise engagement party with all of our family and friends! Seriously- BEST- DAY- EVER. I know God put us together and has a great plan for our lives. I am so thankful for every day I have spent with him and the many more that are to come. On March 10, 2018, I will finally get to say I do to the love of my life and I couldn't be more excited!"

His Side

"When I took a part time job at the outlet mall during college, I never knew it would lead me to my future bride. My first day working was her second day, and I just knew I had to get to know her. After finding out her work schedule and coming into the store just to talk to her even when I wasn’t scheduled, she finally agreed to go on a date with me. For our first date, we went on a Labor Day hike at Preacher’s Rock near Dahlonega. After the hike, we decided to get dinner. Due to the Labor Day holiday, the only place open for dinner was Captain D’s. Yes, the first restaurant we ate at together was Captain D’s. Morgan is happy to tell everyone this without providing the context! After dating for over 3 years, I finally decided to pop the question. I knew I wanted to propose at Preacher’s Rock because of our first date. After getting a lot of help from everyone, I was able to get her to go on the hike. I was so nervous as we reached the spot where I was going to propose. Once there, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I had been waiting on that very moment for years. That night, we were able to celebrate with our friends and family. Thankfully, I was able to keep the proposal a secret!"

Coordination: Allison Dolph - Soirees Southern Events

Florals and Decor: Sherri Christensen - Soirees Southern Events

Hair and Makeup: Sonya Burt - Platinum Scissors

Photography: Ashlyn Cathey Photography

Videography: Black Hill Films

DJ: Backwoodz Boyz Entertainment

Catering: Luna's Restaurant

Cake: Sugartopia

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