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Ansley + Josh Schuyler | Kellum Valley

The Ruins at Kellum Valley | 11.16.19

Today we are featuring Ansley + Josh Schuyler & their Big Day at Kellum Valley this past November! We did the floral design & decor for their wedding & we could not have been more in love with how this gorgeous day turned out! Ansley shared with us their story & experience, and we are so excited to share it on our blog today! Keep reading to see what she said & to see more of these stunning photos!

"Our meeting story actually involves meeting twice. Josh and I first met when I was 15 and he was 18. I was taking horseback riding lessons where he boards, and we happened to be at the stable the same day. I tried to say hello because it’s not every day that you see a cute guy around the barn that is also a fellow equestrian. Well, Josh was so focused on his horse that he didn’t notice me! Shortly after this, he went off to college, and I only saw him occasionally throughout the years when he would come home for summer break. Fast forward to 2018, I had left the lesson program at the stable for a while and reached out to the riding coach to see if she had a spot open for me to come back. She suddenly sounded rather excited when we asked, “Can you ride tomorrow morning?” Well, when I arrived the next morning, Josh was standing in the aisle way tacking his horse! He was to be my new lesson partner. After that, you could say the rest is history.

Our riding coach, to this day, will only smirk and not say a word when we ask if she arranged my riding time with Josh deliberately."

- The Proposal Story -

"We have been together as a couple since June 18, 2018. Josh was originally going to propose at Preacher’s Rock, a local hiking spot we went to on our first hike together. However, the weather had other ideas, and his idea was rained out. Not to be deterred, Josh made a Plan B. While I was busy at my parents’ home, he decided to enlist our puppy to help him. He wrote a note written from our pup’s point of view asking if she had to go hiking up a mountain for “dad” to ask me a question or if he could just ask it now instead and rolled the note up and placed it in her harness. He sent her around the corner so I would see the note. After looking up from reading the note, he was on his knee holding the ring."

"The planning process was a breeze! Sherri helped so much with helping me pick flowers and finalizing decor at the venue. The staff at Kellum Valley were awesome and flawlessly implemented the vision I had for the day. All the other people involved (photographer, videographer, DJ, etc.) were so good at their job, I had no worries. Planning would not have been so easy if it had not been for the awesome people that were involved."

"Josh and I feel like our wedding day was perfect. We wanted a beautiful day that was relaxed and essentially a big party to celebrate with our friends and family. That is exactly what we got! There is not one thing I would change about the day."

"My favorite thing about being married is being able to do the every day things together. We love just being able to live together (we didn’t move in together until after we were married). That for us is the sweetest thing of marriage - being able to come home to each other."


Venue | The Ruins at Kellum Valley

Coordination | The Ruins at Kellum Valley · Hailey

Florals & Decor | Soirees Southern Events

Photography | Kayla Johnson Photography

Videography | Zach Fossier

Catering | Honeybrook Catering

Cake | Kristina Tate

DJ | Jones Mobile Media

Hair | Loft Salon 1910 · Allyson

Makeup | Blair Vickery

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