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{ Seasonal Touches - Summer Edition }

Searching for a way to incorporate fun seasonal touches to your wedding day? We've come up with a few different ideas to help make your search a little easier.

Flavored Water:

June, July, and August are some of the hottest months of the year. They are also popular months to say "I Do"! Summer weddings means keeping your guests hydrated is a main concern.

Adding some fresh cucumbers and lemons to your water is a perfect way to add a refreshing touch that any guest will love. Having some monogramed waters at the entrance of your ceremony site is another great way to keep your guests hydrated in the hot summer sun.

Photos: Shelby Norris Photography, Maggie Turner Photography, Pintrest, Pintrest, and Pintrest

Seasonal Cakes:

Adding some fresh fruit to your wedding cake is a great way to incorporate a light summer feel to your wedding day. Fresh berries add a pop of color and make for the perfect topping. Also adding fresh flowers to your cake is a great way to incorporate a summer feel to your wedding cake.

Photos: Camille Wilson Photography, Pintrest, O'Bryant Photography, Pintrest, Shelby Norris Photography, Pintrest, and Pintrest

Flower Crowns:

How precious are these? Incorporating bright colors or beautiful greenery into a flower crown to wear on your wedding day is the perfect touch of summer. It brings about a carefree feeling that is sure to remind guests of a time when they were kids creating flower crowns from dandelions without a care in the world. It creates such a unique and personal look for each bride as they express their personality int the florals they choose to wear.

Photos: Simply Morgan Photography, Hillary Leah Photography, Ben Brinker Photography, Dasha Crawford Photography, and Cait Carr Photography

Creative Cocktails:

Did someone say cocktail hour? Having a light and refreshing cocktail such as Blackberry Bourbon Ice Tea or a nice Watermelon Mai Tai is perfect for any summer wedding. Not having a cocktail hour but still want to incorporate a nice summer drink? Consider offering a fun drink option with dinner such as a cherry limeade or a traditional lemonade.

Photos: Pintrest, Pintrest, Pintrest, Simply Morgan Photography, Sidney Copeland Photography and Pintrest

Bonfire and S'mores Bar:

Nothing says summer time like the smell of a bonfire or an ooey gooey S'mores bar. It's such a fun idea to add to any summer wedding. Both kids and adults love S'mores and having a bonfire to make them over also acts as the perfect bug repellent!

Photos: Pintrest, Simply Morgan Photography, Simply Morgan Photography, Pintrest, and Happy Everything Co.

Sunset Pictures and Convertible Portraits:

We LOVE sunset and convertible pictures! It creates a unique picture to store away in your wedding album or blow up to place on the wall in your bedroom. It's a perfect way to capture the summer essence of your wedding day.

Photos: Hillary Leah Photography, Wright Moore Photography, Mary Claire Photography, Katelyn King Photography, Jessica Pendley Photography, Pintrest, Bella Noche Photography, and Pintrest

Lawn Games:

Have a summer wedding planned? Add some lawn games to the must have list for your wedding. It's a great way to keep your guests entertained and kids love it! Some people even monogram their lawn games, such as their corn hole boards, so they can remember their big day every time they play!

Photos: Pintrest, Hillary Leah Photography, Simply Morgan Photography, Laura Hamon Photography, and Abby Breaux

Whatever seasonal touches you choose to incorporate into your big day is completely up to you. Make sure to keep it simple and make it personal! There are so many great ideas out there so find the ones that best suit the type of atmosphere you are going for with your wedding day! As always, Happy Planning!!

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