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The 3 Biggest Bouquet Styles & Trends

Photography | AHP Photo + Video

When planning for your big day, there are so many decisions to be made and so many little details to decide on! One of the most detailed parts of your wedding is your floral selections! However, most people have no clue where to start when it comes to flowers. To remedy this, we will be posting several articles on different aspects of your wedding day related to flowers. First, we start with Bouquets! What’s your style? Did you even know that there were various styles of bouquets and they all have names? Below are the 3 biggest styles/trends when it comes to bouquets:

- Boho -

The first style/trend is called Boho! Boho style is defined by the texture and loose flowing greenery and flowers that comprise the bouquet! Below are several examples of boho bouquets, put together by none other than our very own in-house Florist, Sherri Christensen! 

Photography | Laura Hamon (1), FiveFourteen (2), Kim Kinsella (3), Warrick Photo (4), Simply Morgan (5), Ashlyn Cathey (6), Shelby Norris (7), Savanna Kaye Brown (8), Jessica Pendley (9)

- Cascading -

The next style/trend we will talk about is called cascading! Cascading bouquets are similar in style to boho bouquets; however, they have a draping look to them. I am sure you have seen these all over Pinterest and in big time photoshoots in magazines. These photos below show the draping greenery/floral style of the bouquets which classify them as cascading! One thing to note about cascading bouquets is that there are specific kinds of greenery and florals that can give you this cascading look, so keep that in mind as you are selecting florals/greenery for your bouquet.

Photography | Erika Krapensky (1), Tasnia Malek (2), Wedflix (3), Joy + Everette (4), Bethany O'Bryant (5), Simply Morgan (6)

- Round -

Our final style/trend that we are going to focus on is the round bouquet. This is the most classic style of bouquet and is often associated with very little greenery, mostly blooms. This bouquet is elegant in style and perfect for the classic wedding. You can never go wrong with a round bouquet! 

Photography | Joey Wallace (1), Mishaun Arrington (2), Isaac & Amanda (3), Barbara Covington (4), Lyndsey Lynn (5), Katie Synder (6), Red Fly Studio (7), River West (8), Bella Noche (9)

All in all, any style bouquet is beautiful and will be perfect for your Big Day! So be sure to choose the style that best suits you, your personality, and your wedding style! Check back soon for featured articles on "Perfectly Paired Bridesmaid Brides Bouquets" and "Different Types of Ribbon to Adorn Your Bouquet." Who knew that was even a thing? Soirees Southern Events is here to perfectly style your wedding!

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