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Vendor Spotlight | Simply Morgan Photography

Today we are featuring one of our favorite photographers, Simply Morgan Photography, and believe us, there is nothing "simple" about their stunning photography! We've been working with owner, Morgan Smith, for many years, so you can imagine our excitement about featuring her on our Vendor Spotlight this week! We reached out to Morgan to see if she would share a little about herself and her work, and it's made us fall even more in love with her! Check out her story below.

"I believe photography is so important for so many reasons... I believe in marriage and history. I believe that there is no better smell in the world then a newborn baby. I believe families change and that children grow way too fast. I believe that dogs are the most loving thing on the planet. I believe that being together with family is everything. I believe in cherishing the moments in life that you may never be able to get back.

I’ll sit with my granddaughter one day and be able to show her what my wedding dress looked like and I want to show her the love that my husband and I had for each other. I’ll be able to show her what her mom or dad’s life was like through stories from my pictures…. and these are the moments that make it all worth it.

Venue| The Chair Factory

A little background about the start of the business... as a junior in high school I was on the yearbook staff, and quite honestly that was just so I could “walk the hallways and get out of class.” However, my yearbook teacher clearly knew I had more potential and asked me to pick up a camera... and I haven’t put the camera down since! I started by photographing sports, senior superlatives, and pep rallies. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be photographing such monumental moments... from weddings, to baby’s being born... and everything in between! It’s such an incredible experience to be front row to these amazing moments. By the end of a wedding day, we feel like more than just a photographer, but more like an extra bridesmaid or another part of the family! I love being able to get to know couples on their wedding day and keeping that close connection with them as they start and grow their own families!

I think each and every couple and family has their own unique story and style to share, and I love being able to document their vision and hard work.

Venue | Willow Creek Farm

My partner in crime, Aka my second photographer, is my sister. In the beginning of my photography my poor sister was my “model” for anything new I wanted to try. My sister is so much like me yet so different all at the same time. We can communicate and are able to photograph a wedding with very few words! She is so artsy and she can see different aspects of the wedding! It’s honestly a dream come true to do what I do and have my best friend by my side to experience all these special moments!

Last but definitely not least, in December my husband and I had our first child, Kodah Hawk Smith...and our lives will NEVER be the same. God is teaching and transforming my husband and I each and every day...if we love Kodah this much I can’t even comprehend how much God loves person is ever the same after experiencing the love of Jesus, and this by far is the purest love.

To say the least, documenting unforgettable memories is something that I love to do each and every day! In these crazy uncertain times we are living in it has made me realize how precious these memories actually are, and to never take the special moments for granted."

Venue | Willow Creek Farm

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